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From a unique gift to a dedicated beer for an event to a novel promotional tool – the opportunities are almost endless in creating a custom labelled beer through Whitelabel Brewing. With the choice of the three great beer styles there are options that can be enjoyed by all beer lovers.

Choose from 3 delicous brews

Aussie Lager

4.2% ABV | 375mL

Full-Flavoured without the frills - a crafty take on a traditional Aussie beer. When you have a well deserved thirst for a simple, uncomplicated beer, choose our classic Draught.


Pale Ale

3.5% ABV | 375mL

Brewed with no compromise on flavour, this well balanced mid-strength presents a bright and tropical aroma with citrus and pineapple on the way down. The perfect beer for taking life easy.


Premium Lager

4.8% ABV | 375mL

Pilsner malt and a precise addition of saaz hops deliver this classic Euro Lager it’s premium credentials. Traditional and refined, a sophisticated beer for the discerning palate.


So what do I get?

Your own Branded Beer Cans

Packed as 4 Packs

Packaged into cartons of 16

Minimum Order
30 Cartons

Production Time
3-4 Weeks*

The Process

From start to finish the project normally takes roughly 3-4 weeks from your commitment.

Step 1


The first step is deciding the amount of beer you want and when you want it.  Once this is agreed to and deposits paid the order is booked into the brewing schedule and then we move on to the creative steps.

Step 2


With can design we apply a label that wraps the can. There is unlimited colour and creativity options. The only elements that are mandatory are the recycling, drink specific information and barcode.

We can design it for you or you can do your own design with our templates.



Once Labels are designed they are printed and then we apply to the cans before we fill them with the craft beer of your choice and package the final product up into 4 packs and cartons.

Step 4


The fun part is the collection where you can pick up from the brewery or we can organise delivery to you. We use a range of couriers at affordable rates to deliver the full order to you.


The Full Package

At Whitelabel Brewing we are now offering some upgrades to create the full pcakage of each carton!

Upgrading to custom-branded boxes and incorporating 4-pack clips for your products not only elevates your brand’s presentation but significantly enhances distribution efficiency and customer convenience. Custom cartons serve as a mobile billboard for your brand, offering a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on consumers with eye-catching designs that tell your brand’s story.

This personalised packaging strategy strengthens brand recognition and loyalty by creating a memorable unboxing experience that customers love to share on social media, extending your brand’s reach. Meanwhile, the addition of 4-pack clips simplifies distribution, allowing for easy handling and transport, and provides consumers with the convenience of carrying their purchases without the need for additional bags or packaging. 

Distribution Australia Wide

At the heart of our operations on the Sunshine Coast, we take pride in ensuring that your custom-branded beer reaches you no matter where you are in Australia.

Leveraging trusted courier services, we meticulously prepare and ship your orders on pallets, guaranteeing that your bespoke brews arrive safely and efficiently, ready to delight your customers.

For those who prefer a more personal touch, we warmly invite you to pick up your orders directly from our Forest Glen depot.

This flexibility allows us to cater to your specific needs, ensuring that whether you’re across the country or just around the corner, your custom-branded beer is delivered with the care and quality it deserves.

Our commitment to seamless distribution is matched only by our passion for crafting exceptional beer, making it easier than ever to share your unique brand with the country.

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Frequetly Asked Questions

There is a minimum order of 30 cartons (16 packs) of the same beer with the same label.

No, each beer type order is conisderred its own order and has to reach the minimum 30 carton quantity.

There are set up fees of $90+GST per order. This includes some basic design support.

No, each label is considered its own order. To have multiple labels will require multiple orders

The best before date is nine months from the date of packaging. Beer is best stored cold to preserve the freshness. Some flavour deterioration may occur if stored at warm temperatures for extended periods.

Yes, once you’ve ordered once we can remake your order as much as you like.

You will need to check liquor licencing laws for your area. In Queensland unless you have a liquor licence you cannot resell beer to the public. We do offer a service to sell your beers online through our buybeerhere.com.au website. Contact Us to find out more about this option

We operate out of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  We can courier goods all across the country if required.

We can offer delivery anywhere in Australia.

What some of our Customers have said

Check out our Pricing

Aussie Lager

30-79 cartons $49.90 each Plus $90 set up fee
80-159 cartons $47.90 each Plus $90 set up fee
160+ cartons $45.90 each No set up fee

Pale Ale

30-79 cartons $50.90 each Plus $90 set up fee
80-159 cartons $48.90 each Plus $90 set up fee
160+ cartons $46.90 each No set up fee

Premium Lager

30-79 cartons $51.90 each Plus $90 set up fee
80-159 cartons $49.90 each Plus $90 set up fee
160+ cartons $47.90 each No set up fee

Add 4 Pack Clips

Add 4 Pack Clips for $1.90 per carton

Carton Packaging Options

Choose from a blank carton wth your beer label sticker applied to it or a printed carton for $5.50 per carton.

Prices exclude GST. Does not include delivery. Does not include custom printed boxes of 4 Pack Clips. Prices include custom labelled beer packaged into 16 pack cartons. Orders supplied on Pallet. Prices valid at 1 July 2023

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